Jewellery Gifting

Jewellery Gifting

Christmas is almost here, and I must admit it’s not a time of year that I particularly enjoy. Perhaps it’s the shorter and colder days. One thing that I do love though, is giving (and receiving!) gifts. Jewellery can be a bit difficult as a present – here’s some help.

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Jewellery can be divisive as far as gifts go – does it say too much? Some people may prefer to think twice before giving jewellery (especially rings) to a partner if the relationship is still new and certain commitments haven’t yet been made. Other alternatives such as a fun, youthful ring or a completely modern option may be a good alternative to a band ring or traditional solitaire.

It’s also important to consider whether the item will actually be worn – does the recipient like contemporary pieces, or do they wear more classic styles? Think about where they can wear the piece – do they tend to wear their jewellery on more casual occasions, or do they like to get dressed up and wear more elaborate styles?



Do they like to wear long, delicate necklaces or big, chunky chokers? Have you actually ever seen them wear a particular item – if they never wear bracelets, it would be best not to buy them one, as they may never end up wearing it.

What colour metals do they prefer – gold, silver, rose gold, white gold? Gemstones comes with preferences too – some people prefer diamonds while others refuse them due to ethics. Certain gemstones come with superstitions – moonstones are associated with luck in love, while opal may be considered unlucky. Often it’s just a matter of what colour they like best, or perhaps you could research the recipient’s birthstone.

Are there certain designs and motifs that they already wear quite often, such as skulls, eyes, or cameos

One last thing to consider is age, and how that impacts the person you are gifting. Some people may be fine wearing playful styles at any age, while others may prefer something more mature.